New documentary about Syrian Refugees


Niamh is heading out to Harmanli Refugee Camp, Bulgaria, at the end of the month to make a film about what every day life is like inside the camp for the 1000+ Syrian Refugees who crossed into Bulgaria from Turkey. In search of a better life in the European Union, they were met with a vastly different setting. Bulgaria is the EU’s poorest country. Harmanli was set up in a shell of a military base in order to cope with the influx. Refugees in the camp face months of waiting times before even being processed for refugee status, and while they wait, they are locked inside the camp.
The documentary will highlight the situation there, telling the stories of the people who have already lost everything. The film will portray, as much as possible, how the Syrian people are surviving, particularly the children who have already experienced so much.

It will also highlight the shameful fact that while the poorest country in the EU has taken in over 10,000 Syrians, Ireland has pledged to take in only 90.

Check out Suzanne Lynch’s Irish Times Report on the situation in January: