Filming Wraps on new Irish Film Board Short Documentary

Principle photography has just been completed on the short documentary currently entitled Displaced, directed by Niamh Heery. Check out some stills from filming below.

The documentary is being made under the Irish Film Board’s Reality Bites Scheme and has been filming throughout February in locations such as North Germany, the Netherlands, Dublin, London and the bog landscapes of Co. Offaly.

The film takes a look at the global occurrence of Displacement through the eyes of the displaced. By focusing on intimate and minute details, this short film will deal with the larger issue of displacement and its impact on people. ‘Displaced’ is a film that hopes to open up the human side of an issue that is affecting millions of people around the world. Displacement can mean something different to so many people, but at its core, the feeling is the same.

Thematically, Niamh wanted to explore displacement by portraying it through juxtaposing opposing audio visual landscapes evoked by the participant. Cinematographer Kevin Minogue worked to allow the camera to feel its way through various elements and environments, while Sound Recordist Joe Dolan endeavoured to record the intimacy within a soundscape that can provoke nostalgia, memory and comfort.

The film will enter post production in March and April and will be delivered to the IFB in July 2015.
Many thanks to all cast and crew involved:

Director: Niamh Heery
Producer: Eric Dolan
Director of Photography: Kevin Minogue
Sound Recordist: Joe Dolan
Camera Operator: Luke Daly
Production Assistant: Ian McEvoy

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