February 15, 2013


We make promotional videos for lots of different client types.
We have a particular track record in producing material for charity, advocacy and non-profit sectors. Find out more about the projects below.

Science on ScreenCúram Devices

Two short, informative, playful animations that tell the story of how Cúram’s medical devices can improve patients’ lives.





Along with working with helping the young people of the Youth as Researchers Project at the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway, document their research on video we have also produced videos to promote the work the centre does.





We have provided the GAA with a range of video services, from commercial promos on their initiatives, to video case studies for environmental projects.



Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission

Short bitesized videos covering how the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission traveled the country talking to women and asking them to consult on the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women and how the Irish government has treated women in Ireland since signing up to it. We covered the events, edited and uploaded them to social media within a day so as to get maximum traction.





The ICCL/Youthreach Human Rights Competition, run jointly by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) and Youthreach since 2011, encourages young people in Youthreach centres across Ireland to apply their creative talents to explore human rights themes they are passionate about. Niamh took part in running creative workshops nationwide with ICCL and Youthreach, helping young people to make a human rights themed artwork.




Mayo Children’s Initiative

An Advocacy video against domestic violence for Mayo Children’s Initiative. Directed & Shot by Niamh Heery.