February 12, 2014


Along with working with helping the young people of the Youth as Researchers Project at the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway, document their research on video (which can be seen here) we have also produced videos to promote the work the centre does.

Promo for UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre

National Youth Empathy day at the UNESCO CFRC. Centre Patron, Cillian Murphy joined young people from across Ireland to work on ways to create social action through Empathy. Find out more at http://http://nuigalway.ie/childandfamilyresearch/

Coverage of the UNESCO CFRC Youth Researchers visit to the 2015 Youth Forum in Paris with Centre Patron, Cillian Murphy.

Actor Cillian Murphy appeared as a special guest of the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre at NUI Galway on 31st January for a screening and discussion of the film ‘Broken’. The actor, a patron of the Centre, was interviewed by young researchers in a post-screening discussion on how young people interpret the film’s portrayal of family, relationships and community.

SwanSong Films were there in advance to help train the young researchers in interview skills, then to film the event and interviews.

As a regular collaborator with the CFRC, Niamh has worked with the centre as a Digital Media Research Consultant, filmed with the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, and also produced their promo video below: