Radharc Award win for Harmanli: Trapped on the Fringe of Freedom!


The Radharc New Media Award for short documentaries was won by Niamh Heery of SwanSong Films for her film ‘Harmanli: Trapped on the Fringe of Freedom’ which first screened in the Lighthouse Cinema in June of this year. The film is about Syrian refugees living in a refugee camp in Bulgaria waiting endlessly for news of their refugee status in one of the poorest countries in the European Union.

The Radharc Awards for television documentary films in the tradition of Radharc were presented on Wednesday, 22nd October at a lunch in the Stillorgan Park Hotel Dublin.

The Radharc Awards honour the memory of the late Fr Joe Dunn, co-founder of Radharc Films. They are presented to the producers of documentaries of outstanding quality, which address national or international topics of social justice, morality or faith. The documentary can be of any religious adherence, but it should portray positive human values in the course of its report.