Winning Science on Screen Animations Complete Production

After successfully pitching and winning the 2022 Science on Screen commission for the second time, Niamh and Eric have completed two bespoke animations for two groundbreaking medical device projects in association with Cúram, Ardán and the National Talent Academy for Animation.

The animations aim to bring creative ways of communicating what are often complex, new methods and inventions to help improve patients’ lives. The shorts were directed and animated by Eric Dolan in painterly 3D and written and produced by Niamh Heery.

We wanted to interplay the Macro world with the Micro world in our animations, showing how a really small medical device can have a major impact on a person’s quality of life in the big
world we live in. By creating sympathetic characters and using playful visual metaphors, these short creative pieces mix science and creativity in what we hope is a really meaningful way.

– Niamh Heery

The films will be used by leading Irish scientists Dr David Brayden and Dr Eoin O’Cearbhaill to further their devices in the fields of diabetes and GI stents; feature at major international medical conferences; and in the Galway Museum this summer.

More information on Science on Screen can be found here.